Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Keep the kids boredom barometer low this summer with COOL coloring books!  This Color-Play book by the MOMA will teach them the ABC's of color mixing.  Fun illustrations and simple color mixing learning guide.  Stop in Hooray! for cool kid activities...we even have the paint & recycled crayons!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

We have easy sundresses & skirts for her this summer at HOORAY children's boutique.  Step out of the box with trendy Ikat prints, and toss out the 'too' cute factor this summer.  We know girls want to be like big sister, and at HOORAY we think little sister can be cool & stylish in these MODERN bohemian looks.  From easy sundresses, pull on skirts, to fly away tropical print tops.  And, don't forget to layer on the fabric bead necklaces or raffia bracelets.  Tres' chic!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Each season we search for quality shoe brands that are not only fashionable but backed by the American Podiatric Association.  Stop in HOORAY and have your child's foot properly measured and fit.  Our boy shoes are meant for tough play and fun!  We have Stride Rite baby sandals with protective closed toes to BIG BOY sandals that strap at the ankle and toe for a perfect fit.  And, our boy customers love our all-weather sandals with antibacterial soles.  So get out there and play...hooray!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

If you have ever purchased Persnickety Clothing for your daughter, you may not be aware of the behind the scenes mission or viewpoint of this company.  Persnickety started in 2010 and the team has created a compassionate program called "Buying is Giving."  Every time an item of Persnickety clothing is purchased, Persnickety gives back to less fortunate children. 

They have chosen to produce clothing in underdeveloped countries expressly for the purpose of donating clothing, food, and fostering self-sufficiency. By producing clothing in countries that are under developed, they not only help less fortunate children but they also offer the opportunity for talented sewers to receive a higher income than if they were employed at a local factory.

At Hooray! Children's Store we are proud to be a small part in this "Buying is Giving" program.  It is really our customer's who have been the biggest cheer-leaders.  Thanks to all our Persnickety customers! 

Currently Persnickety's charitable efforts are focused in Nicaragua.  The Persnickety team has just returned from their Nicaragua giving trip.  Take a look!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Who's your lovebug?

New summer items for both boy's and girl's.  Lightweight onesies can be the answer for HOT summer days.  Add a sunhat & soft soled sandals and they'll be ready for a stroll...maybe even some bug watching!
Lovebug Onesie

Thursday, April 19, 2012

We have shoes for the tiniest toes!

Stop in and check out our NEW Spring 2012 collection of pre-walker baby shoes. We carry a large selection for both boy's and girl's. Let us help you select the perfect FIRST shoe. We ONLY carry quality shoe brands that have received the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Approval. Because these children's shoe brands at HOORAY have passed rigorous standards to receive this seal of approval, moms can be assured that even the tiniest toes will have quality shoes to promote healthy foot development. With flexible soles, soft leather, wide toe box, and best of all...the styles are tres' chic!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Feather Baby Organic Pima Cotton Clothing

At HOORAY we are constantly on the look-out for children's clothing that is stylish, AND that can also be of 'value' to the mother purchasing a product. We think 'value' can take on different forms. Sometimes the 'value' in a product can be the company behind the clothes. We have noticed that todays designer's are looking to design more than just clothing, but a viewpoint that seems to be 360 degrees.

Several years ago, we fell in LOVE with Feather Baby clothing. Not only is it the purest cotton, but this family owned business was on a mission to create a socially responsible company that worked closely with the farmers who grew the cotton.

Sude Dellinger Peta, designer and mother of triplets, was on a mission to bring only the purest cotton and modern style to newborn baby clothing. Her research brought her to Peru where organic pima cotton is grown and harvested under Fair Trade agreements. Each season the cotton is bought at a guaranteed price above market value, and both men and women are paid the same.

Can it get any better? Yes, we say! You'll find refreshing designs that are not overly prissy OR overly modern. Each season Feather Baby clothing steers clear of the typical pink & blue color combinations, too. And, this is exactly why we fell in LOVE with Feather Baby clothing!

Feather Baby clothing is ultra-soft and blends a modern yet classic asthetic from geometric prints to modern florals. Baby will certainly be comfortable in the soft pima cotton, and mom will be pleased that her babe is stylin'.